3 Easy, Hot Home Interior Trends For 2021

3 Easy, Hot Home Interior Trends For 2021

We've all sent longer than ever inside our homes these last 12 months as a result of the global pandemic, so giving your home a new lease of life could be just what's needed to lift your spirits and make your home a more inviting place to spend time in!

But when it comes to home makeovers, where should you start? Looking at some current interior trends provides a great starting point and we've highlighted 3 trends that are easy to recreative and will provide you with some simple ways to give your home a new look.

1. Bringing the outdoors in

We all know how difficult being copped up indoors has been over the last year of lockdowns, and with some of us missing easy access to green spaces, bringing a touch of the outdoors in to our homes is a trend we'll continue to see throughout 2020.

It has been well documented that houseplants have a positive impact on things like air quality and wellbeing, so it's no wonder that as well as bringing more plants into our homes, we can give our interirors a lighter and airier feel by using botantical, fresh prints.

This trend is easy to jump on too, all it takes is some new cushion covers or bed linen to give a room a fresher feel. Think bold blooms and fresh florals in vibrant or earthy tones. If you're feeling a bit braver and have some time on your hands, a lick of paint in a fresh earthy tone or even bold printed wallpaper will do the trick.

York 2 seater sofa

2. Pantone colour of the year

Every year Pantone name their colour of the year, but in 2021, they made the unusual decision to choose 2 colours. Both colours work beautifully with each other and provide a contemporary colour palette that's accessible and easy to implement in any home.

The two colours are Illuminating Yellow which is fresh and zingy along with Ultimate Gray which is a lovely pale gray colour with a really contemporary feel to it.

Introduce yellow into your home with a fresh lick of pain whilst pale gray makes the perfect choice for furniture. Take a look at our Barley dining chairs in soft gray or our stylish York 2 seater sofa for inspiration.

Cottagecore quirky sofa

3. Cottage Chic

Known as "Cottagecore" there has been a big shift towards nostalgia and homliness this year with people eager to recreate warm and cosy homes that remind them perhaps of happier, simpler times.

Crochet for example, which used to be the domain of grannies has undergone a huge revival along with many other crafts that have been taken up by droves of people looking to fill their time during lockdown with something productive.

The easiest way to get in on the look is to adorn your home with vintage and handmade pieces. From granny square crochet blankets to upcycled vintage finds that have been repurposed the look is easily created by crafty types.

But how does cottage chic translate to furniture? Think big comfy overfilled sofas and armchairs. More is more so it's comfort that comes first and that means plush materials and classic styles. Take a look at our Balmoral armchair with its classic looks or our stunning Anna 3 seat sofa which is a real statement piece and the epitomy of quirky chic.


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3 Easy, Hot Home Interior Trends For 2021

3 Easy, Hot Home Interior Trends For 2021

We've all sent longer than ever inside our homes these last 12 months as a result of the...
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